Do you listen to your emotions? [Quiz]

Anger. Happiness. Joy.

How do you feel about them?

Sadness, fear, frustration.

How do you relate to them?

What do they tell you? Do you listen to them?

And how do you react to them?

Take the quiz and find out!


How good friends are you with your emotions?

How is your relationship with your emotions? Take the quiz and find out! It might show you something you didn’t know about yourself!

You’re best friends

It appears that you and your feelings are good friends that get along extremely well! You listen closely to your emotions and can easily recognize both positive and negative signals.
You don’t normally suppress your feelings, aren’t easily overwhelmed by them and you take them in account before you do anything. There is a healthy balance between your inner and outer life.
Of course, in difficult situations we can all lose that balance, but because of your highly evolved relationship with your emotions, you are able to quickly bounce back in most situations and restore your harmony.
Take good care of your precious ability to listen to yourself. It is a rare gift that can easily get lost. Train it, refine it, and enjoy it!

They would like to spend more time with you

You’re a cool cat! You don’t easily get upset. And you don’t easily get carried away with your emotions.
You have an inner strength and toughness that protects you. It seems like you have the ability to survive in most situations. But take care! Your biggest strength can turn into your biggest weakness.
Don’t lose your sensitivity. Don’t become too tough! It’s your natural instinct to clench your teeth and struggle on, almost forever. Be careful not to lose your connection with yourself, and – as a consequence of that – with other people.
Remember that everything can be trained and strengthened. Don’t train yourself to be too tough. You already possess that skill. Perhaps focus instead on learning to show more compassion toward yourself and others?

You’re really close friends, almost too close

It appears you have a very close connection with your feelings. You’re very sensitive and you strongly react to outer and inner experiences.
Sometimes, your feelings become too strong, almost overwhelming. At times they can overpower you to the point that they feel more like enemies than friends.
Maybe you’re highly sensitive by nature. Maybe you have gone trough stressful experiences that still haunt you. Or maybe you’re carrying strong feelings of guilt and blame that are wearing you down. Whatever the case, it would be good for you to find ways of balancing your emotional life.
Maybe a combination of learning to gradually calm your nerves while simultaneously building more emotional strength and resilience would be a solution for you?

They’re eagerly waiting for you

You and your feelings appear to be quite often are on different wavelengths. Maybe you never learned how to listen to them?
Maybe you grew up in circumstances in which listening to yourself never was an option? Or maybe your willpower is so strong, it overrides everything else? Whatever the case, your body is worried about you. It’s sending you warning signals to wake you up to your situation. It’s now up to you to take notice and start the journey back to yourself. Or not.
Listen to your body while it’s still whispering. Don’t wait until it’s screaming. Remember, the ability to calm down and listen to yourself is something that can be learned and mastered. Your body is the carrier of your life and the main source of joy and happiness. You’ll be greatly rewarded.

What do you feel when you think about yourself

A warm feeling

I’m not good enough

I don’t like to be in my own company

Nothing special

How do you react when you get angry or frustrated?

I show my feelings, but try to solve the situation in a constructive way

I’m often the last one to know about it

Fuck you! I’m not afraid of a fight!

I take the blame on me

What do you do when you’re sad?

I visit a friend to get a hug and talk

I close down and withdraw until it passes

I cry and cry and cry

I do something practical or physical

What do you do when you get tired at work?

I use my willpower to push myself through the resistance

Take a break

I surf on the net

Go for more coffee!

How do you react when you get stressed out?

I notice it and try to calm down

Start to clench my teeth, bite my nails or tense my body in other ways

I just want to escape!

I never get stressed out

How do you deal with worry?

I don’t worry. I take action

I just suffer through it

I go through the situation, and see what I can do

I try to do something else and forget about it

How do you feel when you try to relax?

It feels like I’m wasting my time

I fall asleep

It feels good to have some time with myself

Negative emotions and feelings come up

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