Enjoy a full human experience. Embrace your living, breathing, sensing body and use your mind in a relaxed, loving way.

Seven ways Body Mind Love is different


1. Enjoy a full human experience

Stop making yourself small and limited. Body Mind Love is about having a full human experience from deep relaxation to sparkling joy and ecstasy. And everything in between.


2. Embrace your living, breathing, sensing body

No more self-punishment! Learn from modern brain science how you can understand and love your body.


3. Use your mind in a relaxed, loving way

No more thought terror! Learn from the wisdom traditions how you can relax and enjoy your mind.


4. Always start with self-love

Always treat yourself with love and respect! Use your natural openness and curiosity to learn new things and go really deep.


5. Go step by step in a natural order

Learn the most important life skills in a natural order. Let self-compassion, relaxation, open senses, free breathing, gentle movements, and meditation, unfold by themselves.


6. Learn through experiences

Avoid the information trap. Yes, the map is for sure important for orientation, but not more important than the landscape, life itself!


7. Apply what you learn in your daily life

Learn for life, not for a limited setting. Use your life skills in every situation from yoga and meditation to sports, family life and work.

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