When your body and mind are connected, there’s a natural flow in your life. Actually, being in your body is like a love story between your body and mind.

The love story between your body and mind

Once your world was filled with magic and awe. You were running and playing with a happy smile on your face. Free in yourself. But what happened when you grew up? What happened with the shine in your eyes?

Being in your body, or not being in your body, is like living in two different worlds. When your body and mind are connected, there’s a natural flow in your life. Indeed, when you’re in your natural state, there’s a love story between your body and mind.

And when they love each other, something new is born – a beautiful way of relating to yourself, to others and to the world.

Mind over body

Unfortunately, our culture is based on body-mind separation. We prioritize the mind over the body. From early childhood, we’re taught to hold back our emotions and restrict ourselves according to an unwritten, often chaotic, set of rules.

In this painful process, most of us shut down. Some revolt. And some totally break down, at least for periods of time.

Making up for the loss

When we’re separated from our bodies, our lives easily become dry and meaningless. In this situation, the mind tries to compensate for the loss of the body, our natural source of joy and happiness.

To find comfort, we turn to all kinds of surrogates. We start to think. We start to consume. We start to look for stronger and stronger distractions.

This keeps us busy for some time. But for many of us, it’s not enough.

We want to feel alive, to be alive!

Welcome back home

Fortunately, you can find your way back home again. There are proven methods to reopen the body-mind connection. With the help of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, chi gong, and other forms of healing arts you can re-open your inner channels.

You can once again enjoy your body.

You can once again relax your over-working mind.

And love your life.

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